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Dr. RAFAEL ESCOLÁ GIL--> Biographical sketch

Rafael Escolá (Barcelona 1919-Bilbao 1995)

He was born in Barcelona on the 6th of April 1919 into a family of 6 brothers and sisters.

He attended high school at the La Salle Brothers, in Bonanova. He had an innate vocation for engineering and he graduated as an engineer in 1945.

He then moved to Madrid where, together with some friends, he set up EDIFICIOS Y OBRAS SA, a civil engineering company. At the same time, his great concern for the education of young people led him to collaborate with the school INAR (Engineering and Architecture), which prepared young students to enter the technical schools.

Dr. Rafael Escolá Gil

In 1957 he moved to Bilbao where, together with an associate, he founded IDOM, an engineering company, which employs more than 1,200 engineers at present. His passion for engineering and for the education of young people prompted him to teach ethics at the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra. He was devoted to this job.

Within IDOM he created a postgraduate school so as to provide newly graduated engineers with the knowledge and experience they needed in order to find their first job. More than 1,200 graduates attended this school. He wrote 5 books on engineering and ethical topics and presented several papers in national and international conferences. He also inspired the creation of several associations such as AVIC, ASINCE, ASEINCO, etc.

In him there was a perfect symbiosis between passion for his job and dedication to his spiritual vocation. Thus he fulfilled the message of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Roman Catholic Church he had joined back in 1940. He was a conscientious worker, always ready to help, intellectually and spiritually, his many friends and acquaintances.

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